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Plot: 559 Bombo Road-Wandegeya, Next to Shell Wandegeya
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Sema properties Ltd. was incorporated on 11th February 2009as a Limited Company whose main objective was to acquire by purchase, exchange or otherwise either for an estate in perpetuity or for any limited interest in certain land, houses and buildings and any other land and premises of any tenure to hold or sell, let alienate, mortgage or change or otherwise deal with all or any of such land or premises. The company was created upon a simple premise to challenge the status quo conditions abound in property business these days whose conditions are not generally user friendly to clients. In view of the above, Sema Properties Ltd. intends to give people who want to own property the services and attention they deserve as we are renown for committing ourselves to doing one thing better than any one else.
The Directors of Sema Properties have had a very long experience in the property business which they acquired before incorporating the current company. This experience has given them the inertia to compete favorably with the leading brand in the industry. Our unique ability to execute our defined roles for our clients coupled with our successful track record in our business for the last six years makes us an invaluable partner for attainment of business growth.



SEMA PROPERTIES LIMITED, WPlot 559 Bombo Road (Wandegeya)
+256 774 000 222 / 704 366 268 / 481 660 355
Email: WhatsApp: +256781660355