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Plot: 559 Bombo Road-Wandegeya, Next to Shell Wandegeya
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Sema Properties is well known for the different categories of services offered to its clients under one roof. These include the followings: Sell of land: The company specializes in procuring and selling plots of land in regions according to a range of clientele’s specifications including residential, commercial plots etc. The company offers a complete turnkey service from choosing your desired plot to the architectural designs and planning applications.
Land Surveying: The company runs a surveying department that is managed by a team of professional surveyors who provide high quality surveying services services in our estates. Our licensed land surveyors can also assist with land subdivisions and boundary adjustments procedures. The company also provides complete land surveying services and technology including geodetic survey, boundary surveying, construction staking. Land Documentation: Our staff includes a highly experienced team that is specifically responsible for documentation of the plots and properties for sale. This includes transfer of ownership of acquired property, legal ownership of properties etc.
Architectural work: The company offers architecture, art commissioning, environmental graphics, landscape architecture, preservation architecture, visualization, sustainable design, urbanism, master planning, interior design etc. Earth Work: The company offers earth work and excavation services, which comprise site clearing, placement of fill, demolition, land preparation, commercial and residential plot preparation, and grading etc.
---  LAND FOR SALE  ---
Maya Modern Estate
Road - Masaka Road
Location - Maya Nsanji
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 18,000,000
Installment = UGX. 18,000,000
Buwambo Prime Estate
Road - Bombo Road
Location - Bombo
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 11,000,000
Installment = UGX. 11,000,000
Busiika Premium
Road - Gayaza Road
Location - Busiika
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 8,000,000
Installment = UGX. 8,500,000
Mukono Satellite
Road - Mukono Katosi Road
Location - Nakisunga
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 9,000,000
Installment = UGX. 9,500,000
Bujuuko Mityana
Road - Mityana Road
Location - Bujuuko
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 16,000,000
Installment = UGX. 17,000,000
Bombo Town
Road - Bombo Road
Location - Opp Kakungulu SS
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 9,000,000
Installment = UGX. 10,000,000
Gombe Premium
Road -  Matugga Road
Location - Gombe
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 16,000,000
Installment = UGX. 17,000,000
Bulenga-Biira Estate

Road - Mityana Road
Location - Bulenga
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 45,000,000
Installment = UGX. 47,000,000


Road - Hoima Road
Location - Kikwandwa
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 6,500,000
Installment = UGX. 7,000,000


Road - Gayaza Road
Location - Kiwenda
Size - 50x100ft
Cash - UGX. 12,000,000

Before you purchase the land, be sure to research government regulations for both your property and the surrounding area. ... Water source. ... Know the climate. ... Safety from bushfires and flooding. ... Soil quality and composition. ... Orientation. ... Trees and bushland. ... Utility access.
Soil quality and composition impacts both how you build your new home and the potential for growing your own plants on your property. It also can impact: Cost of building foundations Amount of earthworks required Stability and land retention. Have an engineer to have your soil tested.
When buying land you’ll want to consider any existing easements, roads, driveways and the proximity of other structures both existing and potential (neighbouring land). Take advantage of the ‘north facing aspect’to minimize the impact of direct sunlight and the overheating in sunny days.
Site Visit to the Land/Property. Land Title Search in the Land Registry Office Meet the Owner and Negotiate Prices. Use a Surveyor to Verify the Land Size. Lawyer to verify the Sale Agreement, Transfer Documents and Consent to transfer. Property Valuation or compare property value.

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